Tactus: My Dissertation Game

Hello! You’re probably here because I asked you to download and try out Tactus. The elevator pitch for that is: it’s a pac-man-alike Android mobile game with three different control schemes. I want as many people as possible to download it, play it – it should only take about ten minutes- and allow it to upload some tracking data that I can analyse for my dissertation. A whole blog post about the game is below, if you scroll down, but if you’re not interested in the details you can just click here to download, install the APK as usual, (you’ll need to allow apps from “unknown sources”) and play on. Two things to note:

  • The legal details of what I want the data for and why are listed at the start of the app. Legally, you have to agree to them to play it. There’s nothing personally identifiable, but I have to get your permission as if I were sticking electrodes to your head or something.
  • If you’re under eighteen, I can’t use your data. Sorry! It’s a legal research thing – I would need your parents permission, and there’s no real way to verify that online. Play the game if you want, but don’t click “Upload” when prompted.

That’s all you need to know if you just want to play – have fun! Otherwise, stick around, read the rest of the post, have a drink. Take the weight off your feet. Continue reading