Tom Field;

I recently graduated from Aberystwyth University, earning a 1st-class degree in Physics and Computer Science, and I’m currently studying for a MSc in Computer Games Design (Technology) at Anglia Ruskin University. I have extensive programming experience, excellent communication skills, and experience with game and level design. I am creative and adaptable, and an extremely fast learner. I am self-motivated, thorough, enthusiastic, and I have a wide and varied skillset and a passion for gaming. I am currently looking for game or level design graduate roles with opportunities for creativity and self-improvement.

Work Experience

02/2013 – Present – Senior Community Leader –

  • Volunteer Staff member for leading Team Fortress 2 level design forum. Moderated forum (20,000+ members) and community chatroom.
  • 5+ years’ experience as hobbyist level designer and key community member.
  • 4 levels personally completed to high gameplay quality.
  • Organised and judged level design contests (Link) and game jam with nearly seven hundred entries (Link) Represented community as paid liaison for significant Team Fortress 2 intra-community update (Link)
  • Coached newer members in technical/design skills. Critiqued and guided many projects.
  • Gained experience working on large projects and with global teams, skills in giving and analysing feedback, and managing large groups in emotionally charged situations.

5/2014 – 7/2015 – Data Analyst (IT Intern) – GE Healthcare –

  • Year’s internship in Service Delivery team at major global business, supporting critical applications and processes.
  • Significant projects include:
    • Application Vitality – large-scale data compilation and analysis project. Reduced time taken by 50% yearly via process simplification, reported to CIO level. Drove remediation & funding processes.
    • XP Remediation – oversaw project to replace all Windows XP machines. Managed global team, completed with zero process downtime, reported to CEO level. Produced report to direct 5+ years legacy management.
    • Application Metrics, analysing large quantities of application issue data to identify key areas for improvement both in app issues and data-gather process.
  • Drove innovation to improve business processes. Simplified presentation of organisational data, prioritised analysis of application support data.
  • Developed group and project work skills, experience with data analysis, and experience of large-scale and high-pressure work.

10/2007 – 5/2012 – Director/Stage Manager – Fenland Arts –

  • Several years volunteering for local youth theatre group. Worked first in and then leading backstage teams. Wrote and directed short plays.
  • Motivated and taught large groups of young performers (25+, ages 5-18)
  • Taught children lines, stage positioning, songs, and choreography. Included general stagecraft education. Ran games and activities to entertain children.
  • Mentored and advised older children in set design, directing, and stage management. Provided opportunities to learn technical and directing skills.
  • Resolved onstage and offstage problems under high pressure to strict deadlines. Maintained high standard of behaviour amongst children.


Aberystwyth University – Physics and Computer Science BSc – Graduating 2016

  • 2:1 degree expected overall.
  • Key modules: Software Design, Modern Physics, Agile Methodologies, Advanced Computer Graphics, Mathematical Physics, Algebra and Calculus.

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Clear Communicator Clear and concise writer. Confident Public Speaker with 10+ years theatrical experience, multiple successful business presentations.
  • Technical Skills Extensive knowledge of Java, C, Swift, and algorithm and program design. Experienced with XML, C++, xCode, VBA, ActionScript, Javascript and HTML.
  • Experience with Editing Tools and Design Expert with Hammer level design tool. Experienced with SpriteKit and Game Maker Studio. Some knowledge of Unreal engine. Lead several tabletop roleplaying groups.
  • Creativity, Process Improvement, and Problem Solving In business, innovated changes to processes, increasing simplicity and efficiency. Reduced report creation time by 80% for one process, identified 30% of application issues for resolution in another. Hobbyist writer and game designer.
  • Commercial Awareness Year’s work at GE Healthcare in the Service Delivery (application and process support) sector, working on and managing several projects ranging from application support to data analytics, data-gather and co-ordination.
  • Skilled at Working in and Leading Groups Worked backstage at theatrical performances, including supervising and mentoring teams (2-5), worked in groups (2-10) to organise events and drive initiatives as part of my internship, co-ordinated groups across several teams and areas (10-15) to replace XP machines on short timescale.
  • Experience with Coaching and Mentoring Volunteered at school teaching Flash and Fireworks to peers and younger students. Mentored six stage-managers over theatre career- four now running groups of their own. Assisted teaching other interns use of Telepresence systems at GE.


Manuel Hidalgo, Senior Team Leader, GE Healthcare:

Chris Price, Professor, Aberystwyth University: