Rotatris: Interesting Algorithms

This is one of a few¬†blog posts adapted from my Dissertation project about Rotatris, a tetris-like game I made in Swift and SpriteKit. In Rotatris, players try to build “shells” of squares around a central rotating block. You can read my full written dissertation here.

These are some of the key algorithms for the game – it should give you an idea of my thought process when developing a game. My original dissertation has a few more, but i’ve cherry-picked some cool ones here.

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Episodes: That Game With The Adverts

Episodes is a cartoonish visual-novel library and I’ve spent more time and money on it than Fallout 4. Arguably had more fun, too, despite the most obnoxious free-to-play bullshit I’ve ever seen.

You’ll most likely recognise Episodes from its advertisements on Tumblr, which are so weird they’ve gone memetic and been shared more widely: usually two handsome young people at a life-changing decision, with the promise that You, the reader, can choose what happens next. Over time, these adverts have been getting markedly stranger: early ones suggested a sort of all-American soap opera, while the latest have included the Titanic, two astronauts (“You never told me you were married!” one says, with her hand on the “eject” lever) and Adam and Eve. This last one was the one that spurred me, while scrolling through Tumblr, to download Episodes and try it out.


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