From 2013-2018 I acted as a Senior Staff Member at, the foremost website for Team Fortress 2 mapping. I was one of a small team running the website, which has over three thousand hosted downloads, and over twenty thousand members.

I’ve personally judged several contests, and run several others – including the Two Skillsets contest, the 7.2Hour contest, the final stages of the Asymmetric Boogaloo contest, and the Mappers vs Machines contest in collaboration with another community.

I also lead the 72hrJam events, which we run twice a year. These are massive events, featured on the official Team Fortress 2 blog – the last had over seven hundred entries.

I also acted as a community liaison for the Invasion update, which went live in Team Fortress 2 in late 2015.

Image from plr_hothouse, my own entry to a 72 hour jam
Image from plr_atoll, my entry to the 2012 Dynamic Payload contest.