Fixing Symmetra

For the purposes of this article, I’ve been playing a lot of Symmetra, Overwatch’s least-played character. I’ve come to a couple of important conclusions about her.

  • She isn’t fun to play.
  • She isn’t competitively effective.

I hope i’m not leaving anyone behind when I say that gameplay should be at least one of those things.


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What I Did On My Overwatch Summer Holiday

Since the end of exams, i’ve been solidly sticking to one game: Overwatch. It’s not as pitch-perfect as some games, and the changes it makes to the FPS formula are fairly limited – but it’s tremendous fun and a beautiful game. Instead of a review, here’s a list of Things I Have Done In Overwatch.

  • Dived onto a crowded control point, hit the “self-destruct” button, and ejected. I landed directly in a bear trap, and all I could do was watch as my own mech exploded, killing me and half the enemy team.

Overwatch is a class-based multiplayer shooter, distinguished by the diversity of the abilities the classes use. It’s most often compared to Team Fortress 2, but that’s not quite right – here, the focus is on the special abilities each class has available, rather than their weaponry.


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